Lighting Up Your Bathroom

Built-in LED spots? LED fittings? Sconce wall fittings? Pendant lighting? It can be confusing when it comes to trying to find the perfect lighting arrangement for your bathroom.

The other thing that might be confusing is the overall color scheme that you put the lighting into.

You need to consider the fact that your bathroom design has to work on the coldest, darkest winter morning, as well as in the height of summer.

For this reason, many interior designers favor a more muted color scheme over the very bold or even, over the all-white bathroom.

White, whilst popular and well known for making a space seem larger, can sometimes be cold and impersonal as well.

Whereas this can be mitigated by the clever use of badkamer spotjes and other warming LED spots inbouw badkamer dimbaar, which can be mixed and matched and placed on different levels to achieve the desired effect, it might be better to get the color right to begin with.

Finally, the natural lighting also needs to be considered.

Does your bathroom have a good source of daylight? If so, the last thing you want to do is block it out. So often, our designers find that bathrooms with amazing sunlight have been blacked out, in a quest for privacy.

Of course, you want to have a sense of privacy in a bathroom, but this does not need to be achieved by simply obliterating every single trace of daylight!

There are other ways of maintaining your privacy in the bathroom and still keeping the daylight, for example, a solar screen.

This can allow sunlight into the bathroom, but keeps prying eyes out!

Other things to consider are utilizing blinds of varying types. Venetian blinds can be a popular choice in a bathroom, still allowing daylight to come into the room, without anyone being able to see in.

Frosted glass is another popular method of ensuring privacy in the bathroom and with the added advantage of having some decorative edge as well.

So, the ideal bathroom arrangement is to allow free flowing sunlight, not to go for a total white out and have tasteful and muted colors at play.

Then we can begin to look at the lighting itself.

Now is the time to ditch the harsh overhead lighting that most old style bathrooms have in them. This is usually one light in the center of the ceiling and it probably isn’t doing you a lot of favors.

Instead of sticking just one light in the middle of a room, we suggest having lots of different types of lighting arrangements on separate levels.

This means inbouwspots grote diameter being mixed up with the more diminutive LED recessed bathroom lights and to spread them widely around the space. The more levels that light is coming in at, the more natural that it will look.

Don’t worry that there may be too many inbouw spots, the beauty of this type of lighting is that they will be controlled separately, so you can have as many or as few lights on as you want at any given time.

We think that lights around your mirror are essential for creating an ambience, but they can also help with practical tasks such as shaving and washing.

By having more choice of lighting, rather than just one central overhead light, you can pick and choose which lights you want at different times of day.

So, by day, you may not need that bathroom mirror to be illuminated, nor may you want the LED strip lights, which are around the bath – but at night, when you want to luxuriate in a deep soak, then those dimbare led spots inbouw badkamer will come into their own!